The Sports School Basketball Academy with technical partners Key5 coaching (flagship coaching program by PGC Basketball) aims to bring an advanced training approach to basketball coaching in India. Our team of international basketball coaches along with their well trained Indian coaches inspect every aspect of basketball training and provide constructive input to improve one’s performance. The basketball program at The Sports School offers well-structured, varied from Basic level to Professional level, is designed to give young talent the best possible conditioning. Our programs provide students with exclusive prospects to international level coaching, facilities, and competition along with a global framework that helps in maximizing their success. Our global standard basketball facilities allow students with the best possible training experience.

Key5 Coaching is the flagship coaching program by PGC Basketball, who are worldwide leaders in guiding players on how to think the game, be a leader, and run the show. Key5 coaching believes in providing a clear plan on how to develop an athlete’s journey as a basketball professional, win more games, and have a long-lasting impact. Key5 training includes learning from world-class coaches and educators with experience at entry-level, access to different masterclasses offered throughout the year, and to coaching and workshops every year.

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