The Sports School Application form 2021-22

Basic Details
Student Name [field id=”name”] [field id=”field_0d32b54″]
Gender [field id=”field_9c8b460″]
Date of Birth [field id=”field_e36bc6e”]
Father Name / Legal Guardian [field id=”field_61234d9″]
Mother Name / Legal Guardian [field id=”field_4eccd19″]
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Email [field id=”email”]
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Phone Number [field id=”field_2e8322d”]
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Sports Details
Sport Played/Interest In [field id=”field_39fcd25″]
Previous Sports Academy where you trained [field id=”field_3ce3b27″]
Which state do you represent [field id=”field_7790e6e”]
Sports Achievements (if any) [field id=”field_46ed8a1″]
Academic Details
Class Seeking Admission for [field id=”field_2ad6ae3″]
Name of the Institute/School/Collage, You last attended [field id=”field_5d55286″]
Percentage/GPA/Grade Obtained [field id=”field_4fd8587″]
Previous Board [field id=”field_07297c2″]
Languages Preferred [field id=”field_07297c2[field id=”field_8241c79″]
Additional information [field id=”field_5c2ec9b”]