THE SPORTS SCHOOL has embraced the concept that sports play a vital role in the overall education of a student. We strongly believe in nurturing young athletes by providing a solid athletic program with a sound academic curriculum. Student athletes, coaches and faculty are committed to succeed in the classroom and on the field.

Our three pillars of motivation are

Deeksha (Dedication), Kalpa (Determination), Yukta (Discipline)

Deeksha (Dedication)

Dedication signifies the commitment of an individual towards achieving objectives and life goals. Lot of perseverance is required to achieve these goals. Dedication is the key to succeed in sports and academics. High achievers are dedicated to work hard because they are committed to the efforts necessary for their goals. At THE SPORTS SCHOOL, we motivate our budding athletes to master their sporting skills with balanced academics.

Kalpa (Determination)

Determination helps us define our goals and create a path to achieve the goals. This essence increases the chances of being successful. Having the determination keeps them in control and motivated to achieve the long-term goals in life.

Yukta (Discipline)

Discipline is the key to a successful life. It inculcates strong habits that are useful in every phase of life. Discipline builds an athlete’s character to help them set their minds to achieve great things. An important ingredient for success which stresses on the ability to resist temptations and distractions that tends to stand in the way of attaining the goals. At THE SPORTS SCHOOL, the coaches and faculty play an important role in instilling discipline in young athletes.