At The Sports School, we offer a flexible educational curriculum and academic support to help our student-athletes meet their academic as well as sports aspirations. From the beginning of their sporting journey, we take the responsibility to build a kid as an individual through our unique academic model with an integrated approach.

The Sports School Academics Model

The Sports School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is one of India’s premier educational bodies offering qualifications for more than 21,000 schools in over 28 countries over the world. The integrated curriculum delivery is designed in a way that at heart it becomes absolutely athlete-friendly. Our innovative educators continually work towards creating an engaging curriculum that offers an effective pathway for learners to develop their critical as well as creative thinking.

At TSS, we divide our athlete’s level of practice into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced to plan their academic curriculum accordingly. For Beginners we plan 2 hours of sports training everyday where they learn the basics of games through fun and team building activities and for Intermediate & Advanced the training session goes to 3-4 hours and 4-6 hours respectively where they learn tactical skills, advanced skills, mental strengthening and potential optimisation by competing in regular matches and game analysis. We provide adequate classroom sessions to help them balance both their sport and academics.


What makes our academic curriculum unique?

  • Trained professional educators committed to every child’s progress
  • Academic curriculum built around sporting commitments
  • Flexible & customized classroom sessions
  • Focus on compassion, sportsmanship, and life skills
  • Interactive motivational sessions with top athletes
  • New age techniques with smart classrooms
  • Regular kids assessment sent to parents
  • Remedial and prep classes for athletes on tours

Extracurricular & Support System at TSS:

  • Cultural Events
  • Mentor Programs
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • Weekend Programs for Art, Dance, Theatre appreciation
  • Counselling Sessions & Psychologist Support for Students & Parents
  • Motivational Sessions with renowned Sports & other Industry Leaders

Primary Stage

We implement an inquiry-based learning framework to develop the child’s spontaneity, curiosity, and creativity. Students start developing the aesthetic taste and learn to cooperate with others and express freely in creative activities.

Middle Stage

At this stage, we emphasize on “Learn by doing”. This program empowers students to enhance their sense of curiosity. Providing real-world experiences helps them to gain new learning in the process.

Secondary Stage

We follow a well-rounded rigorous course of study. Students develop unique approaches to learning and are active agents in their very own learning process.

Language Options

Second Language (Grade 5 - 10) : Hindi | Sanskrit | Kannada | French

Third Language (Grade 5 - 8) : Hindi | Sanskrit | Kannada | French


The Sports School offers several varied programs for different sports that are directly based on the students’ skills. It is further diversified if the student wants to pursue the sport of their interest into a full-fledged career or is already a professional sportsperson. Whether they are an accomplished athlete, play for fun, or want to try something new, our programs are mapped on elite global practices that enable our students to find many ways to stay active, engaged, and healthy.

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