Be a sport.
be the sport.


THE SPORTS SCHOOL along with our partners, psychologists, nutritionists and sports scientists aim to assist aspiring sports athletes to achieve their professional goals and ensure their progress in academics also. We believe in long term sustainable all-round development of our students.

Our sporting programs are divided into four levels for the convenience of our students

Basic Level - Age group of 6-10 years
intermediate Level - Age group of 10-12 years
Advanced Level - Age group of 12+ years
professional Level - Full time sports athletes

Our sporting partners

  • Tennis - Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy (RBTA)
  • Badminton - Anup Sridhar Badminton Academy (ASBA)
  • Football - Bengaluru FC (BFC)
  • Cricket - Centre for Cricketing Excellence associated with Chintamani Sports Association affiliated to Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA)
  • Basketball - Young Orions Basket Ball Club affiliated to Karnataka State Basketball Association (KSBA)
  • Swimming - Matsya Aquatics affiliated with Karnataka Swimming Association (KSA)