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Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy (RBTA)

Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy (RBTA)

We are associated with Rohan Bopanna Tennis Academy (RBTA) to help our aspiring tennis players develop their skills and pursue it as a professional sporting career.

Anup Sridhar Badminton Academy

Anup Sridhar Badminton Academy (ASBA)

We are associated with Anup Sridhar Badminton Academy (ASBA) to offer custom made badminton programmes for our young badminton enthusiasts which will help them in strength building, conditioning, and recovery of the sport.

Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru FC (BFC)

We offer professional football coaching under the guidance of Bengaluru Football Club (BFC). Our programmes monitor and evaluate the student’s performance and skill in the sport.

Centre for Cricketing Excellence(CCE)

Centre for Cricketing Excellence (CCE)

We, along with Centre for Cricketing Excellence provides budding aspiring cricketers world-class training and best quality facilities.