At The Sports School, we realize the importance of medical and other assistance for both our young and professional athletic students. Some of the prominent steps taken in the direction are:

Sports Psychologist:

To assist our students with developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and other systemic issues associated with sports settings, we have collaborated with renowned Sports Psychologist Shubha Chittaranjan, who herself has been a renowned national/international swimmer. She is the visiting Sports Psychologist on campus and addresses the optimal performance and well-being of young and professional athletes.


The Sports School has partnered with Peak Performance to offer world-class Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Conditioning programs. A variety of methods are used to help our students restoring function and mobility, including manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, thereby improving the quality of their game. All the consultations are customized based on the student’s requirements, and the progress is regularly monitored.


We provide quality medical, health, and wellness services to Students. The Sports School is committed to contributing to a healthy learning and working environment by taking care of students’ medical needs; therefore, we have partnered with the world-renowned Astra Hospital that provides the safest and highest quality care to patients.


Nutrition is an integral part of sports performance for young and professional athletes and allows for optimal growth and development. The Sports School takes all the necessary steps to ensure that macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and fluids are taken by our students in the proper amounts to sustain energy for growth and activity.

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