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It's been a year since I joined the school and I feel The Sports School is the best place to pursue your dreams as a sportsman without compromising on education. Here at The Sports School you get the best of everything. You have world class infrastructure, great facilities, proper nutrition and a lot of good opportunities in order to become the best. The school has amazing coaches and they are very much experienced. The school itself is surrounded by nature and it feels amazing to practice here. The school is one of its kind that provides the perfect between education and sports.
Aakash Neeli
2nd PUC , Football
I've been with The Sports School training under BFC for one whole year now. I joined this institution with a dream to pursue football and at the same time excel at academics. And i'm glad to say this place is a dream come true for sports enthusiasts. I have been playing football since i was 12 years old and i've never come across such a place where the training is so intense and rigorous. And in order for us to perform we are provided with the right kind of nutrition that a sportsperson requires. I'd like to conclude by saying that The Sports School breaks all stereotypes and proves that sports and academics do go hand in hand.
Abhiram S
2nd PUC , Football
My experience here at The Sports School has been nothing but amazing. We get trained by highly certified BFC Coaches and are provided the best of the facilities. We are also set out to balance our academics equally with our sport.
Life here at The Sports School is only endurable if you're willing to put all your efforts and hard work in becoming the best sportsman you dreamed to be.
Kunal Joel
2nd PUC, Football
It's been a year since I am in school and I feel it’s the best place to study and to focus on sports as well. The infrastructure is extraordinary and the training rigorous. We get all the facilities that a sportsman requires to excel like nutrition, top class training facilities, smart classes and a good environment around the hostel. This is the right place for a sportsperson to reach the pinnacle of success.
Pre-University College Student


With a great facility which is located a little bit outside the city . We have a state of the art astro turf pitch and we have got a great gym and all in all its a great place for you all to come and play football and study as well.Its a residential program so we usually train twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. We do technical work in the morning or fitness work and then tactical stuff in the evening or we flip it around. It depends on the day and the competition they are gonna be playing. It's really a great place and also if you want to balance your sports and academics there's nothing better in the country than The Sports School.
Hason Khaleeli
Head Coach ( Football )
The Sports School is first of its kind in India and the best part about the school is you can learn a sport or even play the sport professionally without compromising on your studies.

We have 7 hard courts with floodlights, state of the art gym facility and a hostel. We have a solid team with 6 ITF Certified tennis coaches, a fitness coach, a nutritionist as well as a physiotherapist.

These guys will take your tennis to the next level.
Sujith Sachidanand
Tennis Coach in charge at The Sports School
The Sports School is a beautiful concept in education where you have a beautiful balance between education and sports. As sportsmen we were lacking this combination of sports and education. This is the right place where you have a balance between education and sport. We have a well planned system according to the seasons. Competitive, pre competitive and preparatory periods. We have planned properly and our education is also set according to our plans.We have a psychologist, physiotherapist and educational psychologist in house so that children will not miss their education and sports.Our sports plans and education plans go well with each other. During the top performance seasons we give importance to sports and in the same way we won't let them miss any class. This combination was not there in the sports field or educational field in India before. This is a new concept where we balance it.It's a fantastic growth and the children should not miss this opportunity and this opportunity for a sportsman is a blessing. Not only in Basketball all other games like Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Football children are really enjoying education and sports.
John M Roa
Head Coach- Basketball


I train at the Rohan Bopanna Tennis academy at The Sports School. It is a privilege to train under Rohan Bopanna and his team with really great coaches and the facilities are very good.It feels really great to engage with other sports players at The Sports School like basketball and football players. Staying in the hostel is a completely different experience from what we get anywhere else in the country because we get to focus on both studies and sport. The food is great and the diet is taken care of and there's absolutely nothing to worry about which makes me feel like it's a home away from home.
Sravya Shivani
Professional Tennis Player
As children we love going on to the streets and playing all kinds of sport. But years down the line we realise we are good at something and we start making a career out of it. But then when you reach the 9th and 10th grade you are confused whether to take education or sports. For that you need to balance both. To do that you need a good university or school to back you up. To get rid of that confusion and to make it very easy here's The Sports School with 24 acre land with world class sports facilities, professional coaches and dietition, psychologist everything under one roof.
Kaunain Abbas
Karnataka Ranji Player
I'm studying my final year in Jain University. Jain Sports School is India’s 1st integrated school for sports and academics.
This school gives the right foundation to the kids and also to the sports persons to play sports as well as study. It gives excellent infrastructure along with professional coaches and psychologist, nutritionists.

It also provides facilities to many sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Swimming along with academics from school to university. It also provides coaching from basic to professional level.
Shikha Gautham
Indian Badminton Player
I can only say positive things about this place. We have 7 Floodlit tennis courts which are of international standard, and a very good gym.
This place has the perfect balance between academics and sports. If you want to pursue your sports dreams and not let your academics fall behind i think this is the best place to start.

We have some of the best coaches in India and we have a variety of players who help us improve. If you have any future endeavours in sports then sports school is the place.
Rishi Reddy
Karnataka Tennis Player
I came across the sports school while I was playing the university games there. I noticed that the facilities were absolutely world class and to have the opportunity to balance your education along with your sporting career is absolutely a dream come true. I really wish an opportunity like this was around when i was in school but i hope that a lot of kids use this opportunity well to target education and sports at the same time.The infrastructure there is fantastic and it's a revolutionary idea by Sankar Sir to have the classrooms right next to the courts or field whichever sports you're playing. I hope a lot of kids make more use of this because it's truly one of a kind.
Adil Kalyanpur
Professional Tennis player


I'm really happy that my son is studying at The Sports School. He is very honest and transparent about the atmosphere, training at the academy. Me being far away i don't have to think twice about the school and about how he is. All in all i can say this is the best school where your child can study, train and stay under one roof.
Belinda D’mello
( Parent of Nathan D’mello)

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