Amid rapid globalisation, sports are not considered to be a hobby or an extracurricular activity anymore. Rather, it is now a viable career path for those who show interest in different types of sports and work on it. The Sports School is India’s only center that focuses on a sports-driven academic curriculum so that our students can receive training and mentorship in the sport of their choice from a young age and then shaping them into professionals in the game without ever compromising on the quality of academia.

“Around 25 years ago, I started my career as a physical education teacher and later forayed into the world of coaching and education. Since then, I knew that my life’s purpose was not just to build a foundation of excellence in sports but also laying the path for achievers who have the potential to become Olympians and world class athletes. The Sports School is a unique convergence of academics with sports to achieve competence that matches global standards to ensure sustainability in athletes. Our belief is to impart training and mentorship of the highest standards to build confidence while enabling and empowering each sportsperson to achieve higher degrees of mental and physical composure. We also support and encourage athletes that want to pursue their training, but without letting go of their education, in hopes of changing the sports industry for the better.”

Dr. Sankar UV – Director, The Sports School

Dr. Sankar UV, Director at The Sports School






The Sports School, Bangalore aims to be the global center for training and development of young sports minds and helping them evolve into becoming full-fledged professionals in the sports industry. We aim to nurture our students into leaders of their domain with a strong sense of public responsibility and a pioneering spirit, possessing both excellence in the industry and broad knowledge. We also aim to motivate the talent and parents across the nation to consider sports as a more viable career option than a hobby, without compromising the quality of academics.


The values of excellence, integrity, academic freedom, and accountability are central to our mission of balancing academics into our sport syllabi. It infuses the passion and pursuits of our students, faculty, and alumni and is essential to how they look at the big picture. We believe in reinforcing our commitment and give our students the support and resources to make their dreams come true.

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