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About our unique scholarship programs

The Sports School has been successfully running scholarship programs since its inception in 2019, providing opportunities for talented athletes to excel in their sports journey. Our scholarships are awarded based on individual ranking and performance during specially conducted trials, with a minimum period of two years of support.

The scholarship selection process involves a prestigious jury, including the Director of The Sports School and representatives from sports partners, ensuring the highest standards of evaluation. Quarterly/annual appraisals are also conducted to assess the progress of the athletes and their evolving requirements.

With scholarship amounts ranging from 25% to 100% of Sports and Education fees, athletes only need to pay the boarding fees.

Here are the details of the total scholarships awarded as of date:

Year Scholarship Amount
2019-20 Rs 0.07 Cr
2020-21 Rs 0.78 Cr
2021-22 Rs 1.34 Cr
Sr. No. Top Athelete Name Sport Achievement
1 Niki Poonacha Tennis ITF Rank 892
2 Reshma Maruri Tennis All India Rank 1 Under 18
3 Suhitha Maruri Tennis All India Rank 1 Under 16
4 Maaya Tennis All India Rank 2 Under 12
5 Rethin Pranav Tennis All India Rank 4 Under 14
6 Saumya Ronde Tennis All India Rank 4 Under 16
7 Samiksha Dabas Tennis All India Rank 5 Under 14
8 Manan Nath Tennis All India Rank 6 Under 14
9 Ridhi Pokka Tennis All India Rank 7 Under 14
10 Kandhavel Tennis All India Rank 8 Under 14
11 Yashovardhan P Cricket Represented Karnataka State
12 Vishal Kumar Cricket Played for Karnataka State
13 Akshit Maru Football Represented India at World Mini Football
14 Ankit Das Football Played International Level – Sub-Juniors Tournaments
15 Parth Trisal Football Represented National Level Football Tournaments
16 Nirmanyu Singh Football Played I-League
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