An Integrated Sports Science Center at The Sports School

The Sports School’s Integrated Sports Science Center covers all the aspects of an athlete’s successful sporting career. An athlete’s holistic development includes below 5 pillars –


  1. Right Sports Training and Education


  2. Sports Physiology


  3. Sports Psychology


  4. Sports Biomechanics


  5. Sports Specific Nutrition
Sports Science

Our vision through the integrated sports science center is to improve the quality of sport and physical activity starting from the grassroot level with an aim of implicating the Long Term Athlete Development module. Our integrated sports science center fulfills the need of an athlete through quality education from Grade 4 to Post-Graduate in association with Jain University, globally renowned sport mentors and coaches as partners for sports training, in-house sports psychologists, sports physiotherapist, sports performance nutritionist, strength & conditioning specialist, naturopathy specialist and yoga therapists who work together to ensure our athletes enhanced performance.

What is Sports Science?

Sports Science is a study of the relationship between sports and the human body with the interaction of various technologies. From cellular to a whole-body perspective, sports science explores how the healthy human body works during exercise and how sport and physical activity enhance health and performance.


What is LTAD?

The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is a framework for optimal training, competition, and recovery schedule for each stage of athletic development. The LTAD model will help develop a lifelong involvement of individuals in physical activity and sport participation as well as producing future athletes. At the early stages of development, it is imperative that sport development programs are designed around critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training. These periods of development represent the time when children are ready and able to develop fundamental sport skills and abilities such as running, jumping, and throwing. In addition, they are able to improve their speed, agility, and balance, which are related sports skills that will serve them well in track and field as well as in other sports.

Sport Science Services offered at The Sports School

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine bridges the gap between science and practice in the encouragement of exercise and health and understanding of sports performance.   


Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise at all levels and ages.


Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation helps athletes of all ages to maintain their health and fitness, recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercises. 


Strength & Conditioning

S&C is a great way to transform an athlete’s body and get huge results. S&C is a great way to enhance athletes’ movement quality.


Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is the study of how psychological factors influence sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity.  


Sports Biomechanics

Sports biomechanics studies human motion during exercise and sports. Laws of mechanics and Physics are applied to athletic performance.         

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is about improving performance, by knowing how the body functions during exercise, and using scientific principles to allow your body to perform better.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a broad interdisciplinary 
field that focuses on the science behind and application of proper nutrition for athletes. 

Pain Management & Recovery

Pain management covers a number of methods to prevent, reduce, or stop pain sensations. These include the use of medications; physical therapy; and psychological methods.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga as therapy is the use of yoga postures called asanas, as a gentle form of exercise and relaxation techniques with the intention of improving athletes overall health.


Dr. Swetank Kumar Pathak (PT)


Swetank is working as Senior Sports Physiotherapist and Data Scientist with the vast experience of sports science of more than 3 years. He was a Gold Medalist in his bachelor (National Institute For
Locomotor Disabilities, Kolkata) and Bronze Medal in his post-graduation (MYAS – GNDU, Department of Sports Science and Medicine, Amritsar). He had also done PGP in Data Science and
Business Analytics from University of Texas at Austin.

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Aditya Subramanyam

Performance Nutritionist and S&C Specialist

Aditya is currently working as Performance Nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist at Centre for Sports Science, Bangalore. He worked as Molecular Biologist and Performance Consultant
at Potential Health Development for 1.3 years from September 2018 to December 2020. He has a master degree in Molecular Life Sciences specialized in Biomedical research from Wageningen
University and Research, Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, from New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore. Aditya is also a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist from INFS, Pune.

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Dr. Pushpa Kumari Shahi (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Pushpa is currently working as Sports Physiotherapist at the Centre for Sports Science, Bangalore. She worked at Sportho sports medicine Center – Sparsh hospital, several sports,
and rehab Centre in Bangalore and Nepal from 2017 – 2020. She has a master’s degree in Musculoskeletal and sports from Rajiv Gandhi University Bangalore. She has expertise in
sports injury assessment, management, and performance enhancement through recent advances and manual techniques.
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Dr. Blessy Philip (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Blessy Philip is currently working as a Sports Physiotherapist at Centre for Sports Science, Bangalore. Formerly, she was working with Yadav Pro Badminton Academy,
Bangalore as a physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning coach to the national ranking Badminton players. She was also the Team physiotherapist for the domestic Punjab
Women’s cricket senior and U-23 teams.

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Tenzin Choeden

Sport Scientist and S&C Coach

Tenzin is a sport scientist, specialized in strength and conditioning, athlete profiling and periodization, currently serving at center of sport science, Bangalore. He has worked as ICU
physiotherapist and field physiotherapist for local clubs and later became the official strength and conditioning specialist /physical therapist for the university soccer team along with the
association of then-coach Mr. Sharath Kamath of Bangalore FC. He has also competed in amateur local boxing and mixed martial art competitions. He is currently pursuing a CSCS
license and a PhD.

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R & D Engineer and Data Analyst

Self-motivated and resourceful Engineer working as a Sports science – Research & Development Engineer and Data Analyst at the Centre for Sports science, Bangalore. He’s a
graduated Mechanical Engineer indulging in projects integrating Mechanics and IoT’s getting one of his project selected for Karnataka state council of science and technology during his
collegiate year.
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Mohammed Akbar Ali

Sports Therapist & Natuopathy Specialist

Working as a Sports therapist, alternative medicine, and naturopathy specialist at Center for sports science, Bangalore. Completing Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) in Psychology and Diploma in Panchakarma therapy from reputed universities from Tamil Nadu. He’s also completed a number of certified courses in Medicine Therapy, APT Physiotherapist, Advanced Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques and clinical Assessment, Cupping Therapist, Acupuncture Therapist, Fitness Instructor having a total of 7 years work experience in various reputed Sports foundations like JSW sports foundation and 3 years of coaching experience.

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Jaggi Nadig

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Jaggi Nadig founder of Inner Journey is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), a former management consultant, cricket coach and Sports lover and also alumni of Kellogg School of Management, Chicago will lead the yoga program at The Sports School. The program is mentored by Jaya and Mohan of The Practice Room a leading Iyengar yoga center specially
focused towards the needs of Sportsperson. Jaya and Mohan have a combined 20+ years of teaching Iyengar Yoga.

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