Grade 1 to 10

Central Board of Secondary Education is one of India’s premier educational bodies offering qualifications for more than 20,815 schools in over 25 countries over the world.

The curriculum delivery is athlete friendly. Our innovative educators are working towards creating engaging curriculum that offers an effective pathway for learners to develop their critical as well as creative thinking. Our child centric approach is innovative as well as realistic.

Comprising a potpourri of academics, sports and performing arts the learning stages are categorized into 3 stages:-

  • Primary Stage(Grades 1-5) : An inquiry-based learning to develop the child’s spontaneity, curiosity and creativity. Students start developing the aesthetic taste and learn to co-operate with others and express freely in creative activities.
  • Middle Stage(Grades 6-8) : At this stage we emphasise on “Learn by doing”. This programme empowers students to enhance their sense of curiosity. Providing real world experiences helps them to gain new learning in the process.
  • Secondary stage(Grades 9 and 10) : We follow a well-rounded rigorous course of study. Students develop unique approaches to learning and are active agents to their own learning process.

Hierarchy of Learning

Deesha (Dedication), Kalpa (Determination), Yukta (Discipline)

Language Options

Second Language (Grades 5 - 10)
Hindi | Sanskrit | Kannada

Third Language (Grades 5 - 8)
Hindi | Sanskrit | Kannada