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Golf: A new era after Olympics

Golf: A new era after Olympics

“I still can’t believe India woke up at 4 am to cheer me,” said the first-ever golfer to represent India at the Olympics. Aditi Ashok finished fourth in the final golf match and failed to get the medal. But this was not the end. People all over India showered love and respect to her. The young golfer is a student of Jain University which is a co-partner of The Sports School. She is continuing her higher education along with her sports ventures. Hello readers, today we will be talking about; Golf: A new era after the Olympics.

Sports have always been a platform to explore something new, within ourselves and in the world. Last Olympics it was Dipa Karmakar who brought new sports into the limelight and this time it’s Aditi Ashok to draw India’s attention towards golf. Aditi started playing golf at the age of 5. Her family support can be seen from the golf ground itself, where her father and mother were her caddies in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics, respectively. Aditi had recently participated in Women’s Scottish Open.

Golf: A new start

Golf: A new era after Olympics


After Aditi’s appearance in Tokyo 2020, she was one of the most searched athletes in India. Golf is not a new sport in India, it has been played over several years for pleasure. But this is the first time when people got to know about the other aspects of playing Golf, we mean who would not love to represent the country at the Olympic Games. Thus golf will have a fresh start in India where youngsters are enthusiastic to learn, represent and win. The Sports School can help you become the next start, we train students as professional athletes along with academics. Golf is one of the major sports at The Sports School.

Why Golf

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Well after Aditi Ashok made India proud at the Olympics this question does not find a space in our minds. Still, let us consider it and answer. Apart from the Olympics, there are four important tournaments for golf: The Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, The Open Championship and U.S. PGA Championship. Along with opportunities, the sport does not require much equipment and is easy to start. If you are looking for golf coaching, get the best for yourself. Visit or contact The Sports School and get to know about our mentors and coaches and how beautifully we are carrying sports and academics together.


Golf is going to trend in India and the step has been taken. People are searching about it and looking for starting a career in golf. There are several tournaments and opportunities for golf players, apart from a career in sports there are other career opportunities in other fields too which give preference to the golf players.

This was all about Golf: A new era after Olympics. If you want to become the next sports icon, join The Sports School where sports and academics go hand in hand. For more queries contact us on +91 858 787 8668. It will be an honour to assist you. That was all here, we will be back with another interesting topic. Till then, keep smiling.

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