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The benefits of a dedicated sports science center and mental skills training for athletes

The benefits of a dedicated sports science center and mental skills training for athletes

The benefits of a dedicated sports science center and mental skills training for athletes

The study of the science of the body and athletic pursuits are combined in sports science. In the run-up to events and competitions, sports science seeks to minimize injury risk while maximizing performance and endurance. It is used to help discover strengths and limitations for everyone, from athletes to the elderly and everyone in between, so that a training program may be created precisely for each person. Many athletes and coaches are interested in sports psychology and mental skills to improve performance. Sport psychology practitioners have adapted and developed a number of mental skills for use in sports.

In general, the aim of these techniques is to change cognitions that will impact behavior and have positive effects on performance and adherence to injury rehabilitation programs. Simply, we can control what we aim for and how we judge success and this can enhance

  1. Goal setting
  2. Positive self-talk and expectations
  3. Relaxing during crucial match moments 
  4. Dealing with high pressure 
  5. Having a heightened awareness 

At our dedicated sports science sessions, we mentor students toward understanding that mental health is just as important as physical health when training for a sport, through continuous tracking of their progress and developing positive interactions around their experience and obstacles.

What are some challenges faced by individuals that can be improved with mental skills training?

There are several situations an individual is put under during match prep, examinations, and competition play and we all experience changing levels of 

  1. motivation, 
  2. self-confidence, and 
  3. anxiety

depending on the situation we’re in whether it is sports or academics. Every individual possesses the ability to be mentally strong and perform consistently, even under the most adverse conditions. The goal of mental skills training at the sports science center here at The Sports School is to prepare individuals to consistently perform at their optimal level for that day.  

The programs at The Sports School for upskilling training

The sports science program at TSS is managed by a team of experts with in-house sports psychologists, sports physiotherapists, sports performance nutritionists, strength & conditioning specialists, naturopathy specialists, and yoga therapists who work together to ensure our athletes enhanced performance. 

Mr. Rahul has joined as the Senior Physiotherapist at SCS & TSS and heads the program. He is a qualified Sports physiotherapist and has finished his Master in Physiotherapy from Sr NTR university, AP. He has worked with Attitude Prime for a year as a sports physiotherapist under Dr Gladson Johnson’s mentorship (PT). He has also worked as a sports physiotherapist in Peak Performance under the mentorship of Dr Yash Pandey (PT). Mr Rahul has worked as the sports physio for the under 14 AITA National Tennis tournament which was held at Hennur Transform Tennis Academy.

In an effort to produce better performance and enable the overall holistic development of each student-athlete, our specialists identify several factors that the team will work on every 3 months. The integrated sports science center focuses on 

  • Ways to deal with stress
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Handling internal and external pressures

The Sports School athletes have recently shown tremendous improvement with some students winning at the State and National levels consistently. 

Recognizing the value of consistent practice is crucial when building a strategy for improving mental toughness in sports. Sports mental skill development is just as important as sports physical skill development. For an athlete to succeed, both are necessary. It might take time to develop mental toughness, just as it does to become physically skilled. 

Athletes’ thoughts and emotions can be altered in a way that increases their chances of succeeding in sports. Athletes can deal with a variety of conditions they will face in high-level athletic performance settings, by establishing a program in conjunction with a sports psychologist. 

The Sports school is now a Khelo India accredited center for Sports development. The school also provides UG/PG degrees in association with Jain University (Deemed-to-be) for the graduate programs. The mentors for the multiple sports programs at the school include Robin Uthappa, Pullela Gopichand, Rohan Bopanna and are partnered with Bengaluru FC  for enabling the BFC Youth Development program. To learn more about the dedicated sports science center and how different techniques and practices are applied or integrated along with the school sports and academic programs, click here.

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