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An athlete’s life requires rigorous training on a daily basis, which often takes a toll on their body. In order to reach peak performance, professional athletes train at high intensity and intervals and it varies based on the sport and the requirement. Some professional athletes end up training in 3 to 4 sessions each day, each lasting for at least 1.5 hours. Due to this, they are more prone to injuries and strain in their muscles and joints, which could have a negative impact on their performance. Physiotherapy is a constant companion at times like this, helping athletes improve their mobility and prevent injuries.

Sports physiotherapy is an essential part of an athlete’s everyday rigour. It focuses on examining, diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries and problems. Apart from this, physiotherapy has a slew of advatages athletes could benefit from. Physiotherapy helps them move correctly since they are taught good postures and techniques by their physiotherapists as part of the session.

By providing the correct exercise routines with a focus on the required strain that is to be put on every muscle, physiotherapists also help prevent injuries. Since physiotherapy focuses on strengthening a certain group of muscles at a time, it helps enhance the overall strength of an athlete.

After a long day of rigorous training, an athlete’s muscles crave for relaxation. Exercises like stretching and cooling, done under the guidance of a physiotherapist, can help the muscles relax, helping them prep for the next session.

At The Sports School, we understand the need for this discipline and believe it is important for student-athletes to know about their body, mental health, their diet, and how they can improve their performance on the field.

That is why we have have an integrated Sports Science Center dedicated to holistically improving the skill set of each student, thus helping them realize their optimum. We have a slew of in-house verticals such as sports psychology, physiotherapy, sports nutrition and strength & conditioning. Each of these verticals work in association with each other to ensure that every student-athlete under the Center’s purview is well-rounded in terms of rehabilitation and performance.

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