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Exciting Career Prospects in the Sports Medical Science and law; Architect and Esports industry

Exciting Career Prospects in the Sports Medical Science and law; Architect and Esports industry

Parents and schools have long ignored sports as a career option. Only those who play the sport professionally garnered a significant amount of reception and recognition. However, the rules of the game have changed and today’s youngsters are showing interest in making a career in the relatively obscure yet largely unexplored sporting industry that most miss out on.

To give some more insight into the ins and outs of the sports industry and help parents with their decisions, we have compiled a list of career prospects in the sports medicine and law industry.

The list of jobs in sports medicine and law, architecture, and the Esports industry is long and varied, so, if your children want a job, then these following six lucrative options might help you.


Doctor in Psychology

Ask anyone who has had to come through when it mattered the most — be it an Olympic medal winner, an aspiring athlete — and they will tell you that the mental game must be won first.

Many sporting clubs and organizations have explored the workings of sports psychology and Indian Men’s Cricket team Head Coach Rahul Dravid is no stranger to taking an interest in the mental side of the game as he has done for so many years. The field is continuing to grow exponentially in the future with more professional athletes and teams are looking for psychological counseling to improve their overall performance.

To become a licensed sports psychologist, one should require to earn a doctorate in psychology or a general psychology degree with courses or independent study in sports psychology and then need to practice for a few years under a licensed psychologist before passing a qualifying exam.


Sports and Fitness Nutritionist

Sports nutrition is becoming synonyms within the professional sporting eco-system in the country with players and coaches fully aware of the key role that nutrition plays to achieve the best of the individual and as a team, thus it has now become an established career pathway.

Sports nutritionist keeps the athlete’s engines running optimally with the perfect blend of nutrition of protein, carbs, fat, and flavor to raise their strength, fitness, and overall performance levels.

The year 2021 has brought us a range of sporting highs, particularly at the Tokyo Olympics. It is hard to nail down the reason behind it and the answers will revolve around a range of factors. However, nutrition will certainly be one of the key reasons.

Mirabai Chanu is one of India’s golden girls of weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics and a champion who counsels athletes on how to incorporate healthy foods and nutritional habits for optimal health and performance. Her silver medal at the Olympics was the result of constant hard work and continuous nutrition and diet control through the years.

A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics would suffice to make it as a successful sports dietitian or sports nutrition.


Sports Physiotherapist

As an athlete, you are no stranger to injuries and it is the physiotherapists’ job to make sure you recover well before returning back to the field.

Physiotherapists evaluate an injury, create a treatment plan and deliver it, such as by massage, manual therapy, hydrotherapy, or advising some exercises.

To become a sports physiotherapist, you must first complete a degree in physiotherapy. Healthcare experience is also required, such as working as a physiotherapy assistant before applying for the higher position.


Sports Lawyer

Sports lawyers represent a club, an athlete, a governing body or a brand, or a combination of these. The primary role of the sports lawyer is to protect their client from criminal charges and lawsuits as well as advise them and other legal proceedings.

Attaining a degree in the law may provide the tools needs to be a successful lawyer in the industry, however, going through all the classes, contortions, internships, and tests involved in the sports law community of process is the first step to becoming a sports lawyer.


Sports Architect

While traditional architecture deals with building straight-forward locations like homes and businesses, sports are larger and more complex as it deals with building a stadium and setting up an innovative pitch or playground and designing a landscape big sporting events such as the world cup and Olympics and exhibition sites, sports events sites, and so on.

The first step for an individual to pursue a career in architecture is a degree, which takes five years to complete. In India, there are not any certain fixed courses that focus on sports architecture, but there are some post-graduate courses in the US now.



One cannot deny the rapid growth of Esports in recent times and also the fact it slowly changing traditional sports narrative with digital transformation to attract new audiences. We are expecting this trend to largely continue to grow with many sports teams vying to partner with Esports brands to drive engagement and revenues.

The growth of esports revenues stream prominence and gleaming future can be cemented with two examples:

First, the offline sports such as football that have not already diversified into Esports are now doing so, with Hero ISL and EA Sports recently moving into form country’s first major sports league to venture into competitive gaming with a total of 22 esports athletes – 11 male and 11 female – representing 11 ISL clubs.

Second, the Asian Games 2022 to be held in China has added Esports as a medalled event mainly to drive Esports into mainstream relevance.



Noticeably the above-mentioned list is incomplete as the careers listed here are closely connected with each other in many ways, and other employments not mentioned here can be brought to the table to provide virtually infinite possibilities. Don’t forget that there is a sea of possibilities out there. Who knows what’s coming next? Regardless of what happens, one thing we know for certain is that the future is bright if you are looking for a career in sports.

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