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Government Job Opportunities for Sportspersons in India

Government Job Opportunities for Sportspersons in India

Sports players are always worried about their future. No matter how successful they are, the future always worries them. To get over this panic we bring you the opportunities you can apply. There are several government job opportunities for a sportsperson in India. Apart from job opportunities, there are other benefits players get from institutions and other fields. Along with these, you can continue your sports career and if you perform great, can represent your country at different levels.

Neeraj Chopra Army

After Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics and serves in the army, people are anxious to know about it. Also, Bajrang Puniya serves in Railway. Respectively other athletes are placed on a good rank in different services. But you might wonder how to apply when you have not reached that height in your sports? Well, you can still apply to many posts and get preference in marks and selection. 


If we talk about private companies, few companies participate in sporting activities and give preference to sportspersons if you can make your way till the interview. Companies like Reliance Industries Limited, TATA also provide funds to the sports team. JCT Mills and Phagwara have one of the best football teams. There is no specific sports quota in any private companies, you need to come on the merit list.


Jobs in Defence Sector

Indian Army:-

  1. Naib Subedar/ Equivalent:- Indian Army gives direct entry to the post of Naib Subedar/ Equivalent up to 2% every year and a maximum of up to 50 vacancies every year.

The Indian Army sets criteria for winning gold in the respective events at the national level. Rest parameters remain the same as for normal candidates.

     2. Data Entry Havildar:- Indian Army gives direct entry to the post of Data Entry Havildar up to 2% every year.

     3. Army Recruiting Offices (ARO):- Sportspersons can attend the recruitment rally where they will be competing with normal candidates but will get bonus marks.

     4. Unit Headquarters Quota:- Recruitment in the open category, under unit headquarters, reserves up to 20% of soldiers category, in general and technical duty.

Indian Navy:-

  1. Acting Petty Officer
  2. Senior Secondary Recruit
  3. Matric Recruit

Sachin Gov Job

Indian Air Force recruits outstanding sportsmen against the authorized cadre vacancies of Airmen in the rank of Air Craftsmen.

Note:- Not all sports are welcomed in defence forces. Sports like Tennis, Badminton, Football, golf, cricket and a few other sports are considered for the above post.

Jobs in Railway

Dhoni TC Job

Indian Railway provides sports quotas to sportspersons and also recruits them after their remarkable performance. Recently the Indian railways updated the appointment under the sports quota.  Railways provide group C & Group D level jobs to the sportspersons along with additional increments. The recruitment can be through Talent Scouting and open advertisement. However, international meets are recognized separately getting categories A, B, and C. Apart from these under different schemes incentives for different levels are provided by railways. A good sportsperson can continue to play through railways.


Central Government Departments and Ministries

Various ministries and departments facilitate with 5% reservation for a sportsperson. These reservations are for Group-C posts. There is no direct recruitment for Group-A and Group- B posts. 

There are 43 sports disciplines that the Central Government considers to provide direct recruitment along with additional increments.


Job Opportunities in Police

Joginder Police Job

Police force gives preference to sportspersons and direct entry to Group-C and Group-D. However it considers only 40 sports, but this list differs from state to state. For a remarkable performance by a sportsperson, the state recognizes them and can recruit them to higher-level too, like Hima Das, who holds the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police.


Job opportunities in Central Armed Forces

BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB. AR, NSG, ITBP are the Central Armed Forces in India whose governing unit is the Ministry of Home Affairs. ITBP, CRPF, and BSF recruit sportsperson under the sports quota on the post of constable (generally). 5% reservation is given to sportspersons along with additional increments.



Apart from these, sportspersons get preference in different jobs, where they are given preference in marks and tiebreaker. That is if two individuals have the same marks in an exam or merit list, the individual having a sports background is given preference. Similarly, an individual has a remarkable impression in an interview if they are related to sports and especially when they have bagged a medal.


It’s sad to see many sportspersons dropping their sports just because they want to carry their career or cannot see opportunities. The Sports School provides academic perseverance along with making them, professional athletes. We are overwhelmed to inform you that we provide six programs and all programs are included in government job opportunities, be it defence, police or CAF. 

The Sports School provides education from grade 5 to higher education. We make their basic learning, be it in sports or education, strong, with a strong motive to make them efficient players, representing the country and finishing on the podium. We try to inculcate all abilities in them so that they have a bright future, either in the corporate world or sports field and to be more specific in both fields.


Now, let us look at a few additional benefits which are provided by the government to sportspersons.

Incentives to sportspersons

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, eligible sportspersons are provided with a cash prize and meritorious pensions as per policies and guidelines. Similarly, infrastructure and facilities are provided under the same scheme.

SAI- Assistant Coach

Getting an opportunity in SAI is one of the best opportunities a sportsperson can receive. However, the organisation sets high standards for selection. SAI recruits Olympians and Paralympians as an assistant coach. It’s an entry-level grade of the coaches where 5% reservation is for Olympians and 1% for Paralympians.

Preference as a student

All universities have to represent in different events being conducted at the district level, national level or university level. This helps them in their ranking and recognition from the parenting board. This is the reason universities either reserve seats for students, give them preference or select them when there is a tie-in mark. The sporting career does not end, one can continue coaching and play university games.

There are enough reasons you should not leave your game. But to reach this height you need practice, coach, education and fight tournaments. The Sports School provides all under the same roof, along with guidance and support. Our mentors are highly experienced in converting the potential child into a sports star.

If you want to become the next sports icon, join The Sports School where sports and academics go hand in hand. For more queries contact us. It will be an honor to assist you. That was all here, we will be back with another interesting topic. Till then, keep smiling.

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