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How India is adapting Sports Culture and becoming a Global Sports Hub

How India is adapting Sports Culture and becoming a Global Sports Hub

In the last decade, India has witnessed a huge rise in the number of sports being played professionally and for leisure. The government has also been proactive in allocating funds to enable Indian sportspersons to showcase their talent globally. In India, sports and academics are also blending to provide younger people access to proper fitness, training, and mentoring to pursue sports professionally. Let’s take a broader look.


Sporting Events 


As a nucleus for sports and sporting businesses globally, a large number of investors are now backing sports commercially. What began with the Indian Premier League to portray the fan-following cricket has always had in India, sporting events have now moved onto various other sports with leagues being established and cheered on by millions of people. Taking a note from countries like Europe, where football leagues are celebrated like festivals, India has banked on sports to generate newer avenues of revenue and, in turn, enrich the nation into becoming a sports hub. 


In the last few years, the Indian sports culture has developed immensely – India has already laid the foundations for events such as the Indian Premier League (cricket), Indian Super League (football), Pro Kabaddi League (kabaddi), Premier Badminton League (badminton), and Pro Wrestling League (professional wrestling). These leagues have taken their place in the Indian calendar and are played annually with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. 

Increasing Sports Culture in India

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  • Backed by influential people: These leagues are backed by some of the most influential people in India – from sportspersons to celebrities and the largest corporates; these leagues are sponsored with a massive amount of fanfare, thus leading to an increase in their marketing and public recognition. 
Celebrities Suporting Sports in India

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  • Infrastructure: India has some of the world’s best infrastructure when it comes to sports – from stadiums and grounds to even entire villages dedicated to games; there is a huge amount of support already in place to host matches and games and train people. A large number of international sports players have also commented on how great India’s infrastructural abilities are. 


Great Infrastructures in India

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  • Providing platforms to budding talent: The advent of these leagues has opened up spaces for a huge number of Indian professional sports players. Earlier, only a handful of Indian players had the opportunity to gain recognition globally for their skill and talent – now, with these domestic leagues, more and more players have the ability to train and interact with players of international repute and showcase their talent.


  • Creating more employment: Transforming into a sports cultural hub doesn’t mean that only sports players are at the forefront. The establishment of these leagues has opened up employment in vast spaces in the sporting field. From giving access to commentators, media personnel, content creators, and unskilled workers alike, India’s conversion into a global sports hub is beneficial for a huge segment of the population. 


  • Smaller events: The advent of leagues and infusion of the importance of sports has even trickled down to smaller events being hosted – be it at a community level or a corporate level; there are many people who have begun to organize events to increase camaraderie, bonding, and motivation. 
Employment in Sports

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Sports Schools 

With a large number of opportunities opening up for people to be involved in and engaged with sports, sports schools in India are also blending academics with holistic professional sports development to help students pursue their dream. Be it cricket, tennis, badminton, swimming, or any other sport, India has a large number of academics, schools, clubs, and a dedicated stream of mentors that promote learning sports. 


With a huge shift in society’s mindset, today, India is a hub where a young child can dream of becoming a professional sports player and pursue it along with proper academics. The Sports School, Bangalore, is one such school that provides all-rounded academic and sporting education and training to young children. The Sports School also has tie-ups with professional mentors – for example, Robin Uthappa helps train budding cricketers or Pullela Gopichand mentors budding badminton enthusiasts. 

The Sports School

The Sports School


Students are encouraged to train professionally while also gaining academic knowledge. Schools like this one go a long way in enabling India to become a global sports hub, right from an individual’s nascent learning stages, to helping them reach international levels. The Sports School is also a landmark in terms of influencing other schools and academies to follow suit and provide children with a blend of sporting and academic prowess. 


India – The Global Sports Hub

Sports is one of the greatest binding factions of our country. Indian sportspersons have so much potential and talent; they have made substantial impacts in global sports. Today, people may have different opinions on politics, science, or business, but the one thing that breaks it all down is a sporting event. India has adapted really well into the sports culture and stands proud as an example to other nations. 

India- Global Sports Hub

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