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How to Choose The Best Training Facility for Your Child?

How to Choose The Best Training Facility for Your Child?

Choosing the right facility for your child can be a challenging responsibility, given the multiple aspects of a game and the risks that come with them going on your mind. Well, the first step towards this is understanding which sport is perfect for your kid, but the question here is, how do we decide? The answer is simple; we don’t! Selecting a game is on them; all we can do is help them in this process, and find where their interest lies.

A sports facility is any enclosed area specially designed for the general public engaging in physical activities. Broadly, we can divide them into two categories: indoor facilities which cover courts for ball games, gymnasium, dance halls, tennis courts, and so on, and outdoor facilities ranging from football courts to race tracks and rollerblading routes.

Here are a few tips that can be helpful while choosing the right sports facility for your child:

Let Them Explore
No one is born knowing which sport is meant for them. Hence, widen the horizon of games that your child is exposed to, introduce them to a variety of different sports that they can play, and see what interests them. Often, young minds find it difficult to concentrate on one sport, knowing that there are a plethora of other games they can indulge in and have never experienced. Keep the options open and notice their attitude towards each one, are they having fun, and are they genuinely interested in it? Ask them what they feel while playing. The more they explore, the more they will understand what they savor and if they aspire to continue playing.

Which sport do they like watching?
Some kids can sit through an entire NBA game, while others will flip the channel; this speaks volumes about their interest in a particular game, and we should take notes. Take them out to witness various live tournaments, watch matches on television with them and see which game excites them.

Everyone has a different social meter; some kids work better in a team and can blend in, while others are lone wolves. Keeping this in mind, figure out if your child is drawn towards team sports like football, basketball, and cricket, or individual ones such as swimming, gymnastics, and cycling. Look out for their likes and dislikes about each game while watching a match with them. Let them experience both and choose which type of sport is more comfortable and comes naturally to them.

Signs of Enthusiasm
While experimenting with various sports, lookout for signs of passion; is your child an enthu-cutlet while talking about a particular game or a player? They may even gravitate towards their peers who practice a specific game and talk about it with excitement. Listen to them, and then you can make a more thoughtful arrangement.

Once you know which game they enjoy the most, it is simpler to pick a sports facility for them. However, this process doesn’t end here; the next step is to fix a place where they can learn and practice.

If your child is exploring the game and trying to learn basics, then take them to the neighborhood park and sports ground, let them enjoy the game with their friends, and make time to play with them too. For kids, sports is all about fun, and if this is lost, they will ultimately stop playing.

When they’re deep into the game and wish to do more than have fun with it, then you should consider enrolling them into an academy that helps kids pursue sports professionally. Start low key with beginners’ training programs and let them get used to the pressure of playing for a team in small matches. Once they are coping well with it, help them scale up their game for more prominent tournaments. If they feel that they are unable to meet the expectations of the game and want to quit it altogether, let them do so. Sports is all about the satisfaction players get out of it, and if your kids are no longer playing with their own will, then let them step down and take a break.

At The Sports School, we offer a diverse range of fully-equipped, world-class indoor and outdoor facilities to promote the holistic development of our students and to facilitate budding sportspeople.

These include:
● State-of-the-art Gymnasium
● FIFA Quality Tennis Pro Certified Artificial Football Turf
● International Standard 65m Natural Cricket Ground with six indoor and six outdoor nets
● Two and a half FIBA standard Basketball courts
● 12 BWF standard indoor synthetic Badminton courts

The Sports School offers various specially designed programs based on our students’ training level, interests and ambitions in the field of sports, without compromising on their academics; be it for fun, or professional level training, we got you covered! With full-time courses, our institution has now given way to weekend camps for sports enthusiasts starting from 3rd October 2020. These camps are open for everyone, from those who wish to play sports in their leisure time to the ones pursuing it professionally. With our world-class facilities, we plan to make your dreams a reality.

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