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How To Start A Badminton Career In India?

How To Start A Badminton Career In India?

How To Start A Badminton Career In India?

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Playing badminton has taken off ever since our country started showing support and encouragement towards rising stars like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Jwala Gutta, Prakash Padukone, and Gopichand. A badminton career in India is not popular but not entirely unheard of. Nowadays, many young, budding badminton players want to pursue playing badminton as a full-time profession.  

Especially if a child has the talent for it, then a badminton career in India can kick-off. Parents need to be mindful of how passionate their child is about the sport and take steps to help their children hone their badminton skills and techniques. How can parents do this? By sending their children to the best badminton academy in India

Imagine having the ability to let your children train with Indian badminton superstars? If you want your child’s badminton career in India to flourish, then what’s better than getting them too? That’s right. Give your child the best professional badminton training at The Sports School.

You will find that educational institutions across the country offer excellent academics and world-class facilities – but seldom do much to hone a child’s future in sports. This is what sets The Sports School apart from other schools. At the Sports School, the child’s focus is not just on academics but also on professional sports training in their chosen sports field. If your child truly wants to get trained at Bangalore’s best badminton training, look no further than enrolling them at The Sports School. 

By training in badminton, how will my child have holistic academic development? 

As a parent, this is a valid question. At The Sports School, we emphasize sports training as much as emphasizing a child’s academic career. You can enroll your child here anywhere between grades 4-10. The Sports School is affiliated with the CBSE board. It offers excellent academic learning to students and helps them train with Pullela Gopichand and other trainers and mentors in the field of badminton. 

If your child is older, at the pre-university level, then The Sports School offers various academic streams such as PCMB, SEBA, and HEPS. For older students who have finished the 12th grade, The Sports School offers university-level studies too in the form of programs like B.A., B.Com., BBA, MBA, and MSc., under its affiliation to the Jain Group of Institutions, a top-ranked university in India. The Sports School truly offers the most optimum combination of academics with sports training so your child can get trained at the best badminton academy in India and go on to pursue their dreams as a professional badminton player. 

Features of the professional badminton training at The Sports School

The Sports School has specialized badminton training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced level badminton enthusiasts with unique and world-class training facilities. 

  • Training offered

The trainers offer not just practice in skill and technique, but also in strength and conditioning of the body according to a child’s fitness levels, rest, and recovery methods and prepare children to play mentally in addition to just physically.  

  • Mentors

The Sports School has world-renowned trainers and mentors who provide budding badminton players with personal attention, focus, and a high level of scrutiny in their gameplay. Among the various stalwart mentors, your child will have excellent exposure to train with Pullela Gopichand


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  • Levels of play

Among the training, coaching, and mentoring offered, specifically, the best badminton academy in India provides the following:

  1. Basic  For basic level students between 6-10 years, the school provides hand-eye coordination, racket holding techniques, rallying, and physical fitness.
  2. Intermediate – For intermediate players between ages 10-12, techniques to play, game discipline, servicing, court movement, and concentration are taught. 
  3. Advanced – Advanced players above 12 years are taught strength and agility, ways to improve their strokes, and are given routines and made to play in matches. 
  4. Professional – For athletes above 15 years, professional training is offered. Students are given more focused training, taught ways to improve speed and stamina, taught advanced skills and ways to condition themselves mentally, and are encouraged to play at various competitions. 
  5. Tournaments –The Sports School has the best badminton training in Bangalore, so needless to say; it also hosts tournaments at the state and national levels. 

To give a push to your child’s badminton career in India, consider applying to The Sports School today. If your child truly possesses a passion for badminton and is serious about pursuing the sport professionally, don’t let go of the opportunity of getting trained at The Sports School Badminton Academy with Pullela Gopichand.

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