Recreational Sports to Play During Lockdown

Recreational Sports to Play During Lockdown

Since the lockdown has been implemented, people are not allowed to go outside or interact with others. This prevents the spread of the virus but also forces people to stay indoors. While indoors, there are multiple ways one can keep busy, but what about sports or family activities that everyone can do from their homes? This is where some creativity can come into play to help pass the time while also working on your fitness. The following are some physical and recreational sports to play at home that families can take part in.

Home mini-golf:

Mini Golf

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Golf has always been one of the most well-known and loved recreational sports. Mini golf is a great recreational sport to play at home. You can even set up your very own course and track and challenge your family members. It is a fun pastime and something that can easily be hours of fun. The game is simple, and all it requires is a golf club and golf ball, both of which can be bought for cheap off amazon. You can easily set up your golf course in a long room. All you need is a few obstacles. For this, you can easily use books, pillows, carpets, etc.


Kid Badminton

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This is a very popular two-player sport that also encourages physical activity. For this, all you will need is two badminton rackets and a shuttlecock. If you have space in your home, both the items and a net can be bought online. With these items, you can easily have recreational sports to play at home. If you have a backyard, that would work great or even on the roof, but be careful not to hit the shuttlecock too hard that it files off the roof. This is a great sport during lockdown that you can enjoy with your family and even teach your children. It also encourages physical activity that will be very beneficial for your body.

Ping Pong:

Ping pong

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Ping pong is yet another well-known and easy-to-play recreational sport to play at home. All you require is a ping pong ball and two paddles. For the table, any long dining table will work as well. You do not need anything fancy. You can even get a good ping pong table online for a low price. Ping pong is a great game that requires quite a bit of movement as well as hand-eye coordination. This is a good recreational sport to play at home that can double as a good workout exercise.




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This can only be done if you have a large enough front or backyard. You can get a basketball as well as a hoop online for a decent price. All you need to do is set up the hoop in a place you can dunk the ball from and just practice. You can either play on your own or challenge your family members to play with you. This is a great recreational sport to play at home that can also help you stay in shape and give you a good full-body workout.




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This is a game that requires a big empty room. You will also need two tennis rackets and a tennis ball. This is a very easy-to-play sport in which you need to hit the ball towards the wall to bounce off, and the opponent can hit the ball. This is a simple yet effective sport to burn calories with. It can give you a good workout while keeping you indoors. The only thing you need to be careful of is not to let the ball hit a window as it can easily smash it. 



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Carrom can also be played anytime, even on the bed. The best part is, 4 members can play at the same time. While you’re able to pass a big amount of time playing the game, you’re also concurrently building on your analytical and focus skills.



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Darts or dart-throwing is a competitive sport where two or more players bare-handedly throw small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard. Playing dart can help increase your aim and concentration level.



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Archery is a target sport which is played using arrows and bow. The main forms of competitive archery are field archery and target archery. In field archery, competitors shoot arrows at different-sized targets and undetermined distances around a course. In target archery, competitors shoot a specified number of arrows at set distances at a target with established scoring values. Archery is also popularly played by kids as a recreational sport.

In conclusion, there are many activities and recreational sports to play at home. All one needs to do is utilize their home environment and space to figure out which game is the best for them to play. This can not only help kill boredom but also help them stay in shape. This list has the names of only a few sports that can be played during the lockdown, but if you try, you can easily find more or even come up with more.

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