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How to Start a Basketball Career in India?

How to Start a Basketball Career in India?

How to Start a Basketball Career in India?

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Imagine seeing your name on your jersey and having over a thousand people cheering as you enter to play the game that is your passion. Many professional basketball players relish this adulation and describe the feeling as surreal. 


Basketball is hands down one of the most popular sports worldwide, viewed by all the age-groups. Moreover, it is a high-spirited and impromptu game packed with actions like dribbling, shooting, defense, rebounding, and passing. Experts encourage young students to join this game as it boosts endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

Basketball is a lucrative career option for students who are incredibly athletic and focused on their target. Basketball players are nothing less than entertainers who woo the live audience with their two-hour one-on-one show. So what does it take to start a basketball career in India? Keep reading on as we have outlined some tips and tricks to ace this sport and lead like a pro.

  • Focus

You see, basketball is a sport that requires excellent focusing skills. You cannot afford to miss your target, or else you will end up giving an easy point to your opponent. For instance, if you are good at scoring, go for that.

If you are more into defending, lock it down. If you bounce like a destroying ball, go haul in every board. So the point is, focus and refine your strengths if you want to make it big in this sport. You can also consider joining a basketball program at the sports school for the best preparation.

  • Set your Mind Free

The environment right before a basketball match is quite tense. Therefore, experts from the best basketball training in India recommend you to set your mind free. Wear your tricks on sleeves and set your game straight.

Focusing more on higher levels of play is the key to success in this sport. In other words, do not just concentrate on dribbling or scoring, focus on what is open. It is a crucial tip for the students who look forward to starting a basketball career in India.

  • Ace the Skill of Calming Down your Mind

The one who stays calm and composed on the court leads the game. It will also help in performing at the highest level during the most intense or chaotic games. Students should learn the tricks of staying calm from inside and giving an explosive performance with great intensity. Breathing exercises and yoga can help you in mastering this art.

  • Practice

There is no alternative for practice. Students who wish to start a career in basketball in India should leave no stone unturned in practicing their moves. Be it dribbling, shooting, jumping, or warmups, make sure you do it every day. Especially as a beginner to the sport, grasping the fundamentals of basketball is essential to your enjoyment and development of the game.

  • Be a Team Player

Basketball is a team sport. There will be four more players apart from you on the court. So, it is essential to understand and acknowledge their tricks and ideas. Unite with your team in a mutual bond to win every tournament.

Moreover, communication and encouragement also play a vital role in determining the overall performance of a player. Identify and understand the basketball jargon and ensure to use them for better communication within the game.

  • Connect with a Good Coach and Analyze Other Players

Last but most important, enroll for a professional basketball training at the sports school where coaches can help develop your game. You can also refine your game by studying the established basketball player there. Trust us, you can learn some amazing finer skills like movement, attacking, and defensive tactics in a professional sports school.



So, these were some essential for starting a basketball career in India. As far as education is concerned, you should have a stronghold on the concepts of quantum physics. The best part about this field is that this industry’s future is very bright, and the sky’s the limit for the talented players.

Many sports academies roll out lucrative career options for experienced players and allow them to play on the national level. A basketball career can offer you everything ranging from name, fame, exposure to success. You will get an opportunity to travel to different countries and interact with some of the best basketball players.

Students who are serious about this sport should enroll in The Sports School – the First Integrated School for Sports and Academics in India. It offers a world-class training platform for budding tennis, cricket, badminton, football, and basketball athletes. Many world-renowned mentors and expert coaches are also associated with this sports academy. Connect with their executives today, and kickstart your journey of becoming the top basketball player in the world.

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