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Padma Bhushan Pullela Gopichand, Vice president of BAI, visits The Sports School – Top Badminton training academy in Bangalore.

Padma Bhushan Pullela Gopichand, Vice president of BAI, visits The Sports School – Top Badminton training academy in Bangalore.

Top Badminton training program in Bangalore in association with the Vice President of BAI, Pullela Gopichand. 

The Sports school has been regarded as a top badminton training academy in Bangalore and the school organized a one-of-a-kind event inviting Padma Bhushan Pullela Gopichand to meet with the athletes and students.

“Sports teaches us discipline, the ability to get up after losses and inspires us to be a team and this is very important for success in academics and sports.” – P. Gopichand 

Why The Sports School is primed to be a top badminton academy

High performance badminton training is an art form and to achieve success, an individual requires a state-of-art academy with top mentorship and professional guidance. The Sports School successfully hosted an interactive session with Pullela Gopichand, who is also the chief mentor for Badminton programs in association with Badminton Gurukul at the school. The crowd was vibrant at the auditorium and the young athletes erupted in celebration as P. Gopichand’s team walked into the room. 

The co-founder of Badminton Gurukul academy and maker of former national India No.1 in badminton, was treated to a unique event where the parents of the young students and the student athletes themselves took turns having their doubts and queries cleared about better career pathways in sports. The opportunity to meet inspiring figures such as the Vice President of BAI (Badminton association of India) and the motivation that comes along with being guided personally by personalities with global knowledge on specific sports and related pathways to succeed makes Sports school one of the best badminton coaching centers in Bangalore, India

While a player can spend dusk till dawn practicing, not being aware of the nuances that may arise from being unclear about how to manage injuries and tournament related finances, when to switch lanes while your career is stagnating and how to climb the ladder of high performance in professional competition can be costly in the long run. The sports school provides access to such knowledge through their trusted mentors. The programs that are followed in the school are structured from P. Gopichand’s personal recommendations for student athlete development and are divided into different segments for focused attention.

The five key factors that The Sports School provides you to boost your sports performance are:-
  1. 1-1 Personal mentors for academics
  2. Hybrid mode of teaching to balance training timetables
  3. Sports nutrition 
  4. Yoga therapy and exercise physiology 
  5. Training classes from BWF certified coaches 

At the discourse, he spoke in depth about his career, ups and downs, inspirations, mentors and turning points in his illustrious journey to becoming the Vice President of BAI (Badminton Association of India). This was followed by a question and answer session with the audience where a lot of questions specific to sports were answered with words of wisdom. 

The Sports school provides a unique ecosystem for athletes with a dedicated gym, world class grounds, sports science center, yoga therapy arena, international coaching and physiology sessions. It synergistically combines academics with sports. Extracurricular activities include photography, pottery, chess, dance and guitar classes to keep the kids engaged and active through the week from dusk till dawn. Discover the specialized programs catered for student athletes on the main website. 


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