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Why we say The Sports School is the best cricket coaching centre near you

Why we say The Sports School is the best cricket coaching centre near you

Cricket academy in Bangalore and associated cricket training programs with Robin Uthappa, chief mentor – Cricket.

The period leading up to the Major Games increases the demands of high-performance sport.

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The thematic analysis highlighted participants’ pain points in any professional sport setting including

 personal challenges such as 

  • moving cities to access coaching
  • delaying career/educational advancement
  • isolating themselves from social circles 

sport-specific challenges such as 

  • financial limitations, 
  • decentralized experiences
  • athletes with various impairments 

and associated uncertainties like 

  • COVID-19 
  • qualifications 
  • Accreditations

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Participants overcome these difficulties by employing “anticipate and prepare” tactics such as 

  • thorough preparation, 
  • Effective communication, and 
  • contingency planning 

 “manage expectations” like 

  • understanding specific roles and boundaries, 
  • focusing on the process i.e., effort over results. 

For coaches to better understand how athletes’ impairments interact with their training and competing environments and to customize assistance to each athlete’s specific needs, there must be trust and open communication between athletes and coaches.

Sourced from ABP Live

The Sports School emphasizes important practical applications for supporting athletes and coaches prior to, during, and after large Games, but also shed light on elements to take into account to lessen problems for athletes preparing for major contests.

The Sports School’s Integrated Sports Center covers all the aspects of an athlete’s successful sporting career. An athlete’s holistic development includes below 5 pillars – 

  1. Right Sports Training and Education 
  2. Sports Physiology 
  3. Sports Psychology 
  4. Sports Biomechanics 
  5. Sports Specific Nutrition

Our vision through the integrated sports science center is to improve the quality of sport and physical activity starting from the grassroot level with an aim of implicating the Long Term Athlete Development module. Our integrated sports science center fulfils the needs of an athlete through quality education.

The Sports School cricket academy at Vaderahalli is bolstered with international standard pitches and is the only cricket academy in Bangalore with a program mentored by Robin Uthappa overseeing the cricket training to nurture our young athletes. The Cricket coaching centre is placed in an expansive real estate spanning across mountain ranges where the system has been put in place by athletes for athletes to thrive and bring a new set of talent to the India national cricket teams in the near future. 

The sports school coaches and management champion The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is a framework for optimal training, competition, and recovery schedule for each stage of athletic development. The LTAD model will help develop a lifelong involvement of individuals in physical activity and sport participation as well as producing future athletes. At the early stages of development, it is imperative that sport development programs are designed around critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training. These periods of development represent the time when children are ready and able to develop fundamental sport skills and abilities such as running, jumping, and throwing. In addition, they are able to improve their speed, agility, and balance, which are related sports skills that will serve them well in track and field as well as in other sports. 

This is why we think The Sports School is the best cricket coaching centre near you. 

The school also includes 

Sports medicine 

Sports physiotherapy

Sports rehabilitation

Strength and conditioning

Sports psychology

Sports biomechanics 

Pain management and recovery

Yoga therapy

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