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Best football coaching center in Bengaluru in association with Bengaluru FC

Best football coaching center in Bengaluru in association with Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru FC professional career pathways in association with The Sports School 


How does Bengaluru FC’s player development program work at The Sports School? 


Every young boy and girl who aspires to follow his goals and play professional football has access to a special player development pathway that Bengaluru FC has built with The Sports School. BFC trainers at The Sports School are equipped to create a cutting-edge curriculum using specially designed training methods for all age groups.

The school forms the pyramid’s base in their pathway, teaching pupils all the fundamental abilities required to get into the fully sponsored BFC youth academy. In an effort to support the Bengaluru FC player development, The Sports School in association with BFC has recently appointed Jan Van Loon (Ex-Arsenal coach)  as their Head of Youth Development. Students train and learn at the school, which also provides a residential facility. Top talents can eventually move up to Bengaluru FC residential teams trial camps at Bellary. TSS is one of the best football academies in Bengaluru for individuals aspiring to play in the ISL or become professional footballers.

The Sports School’s Advantage 

It’s crucial to make sure that kids who enroll in The Sports School program become accustomed to the game, even if they may be new to it. It is imperative to make sure that they advance to the Elite Team if they are talented and dedicated. The football team receives rigorous technical and tactical training to prepare them for joining the academy teams in Bellary, Karnataka.

  • We place equal value on our coach-to-student ratio (1:10).

On and off the field, we adopt a more holistic approach, and our coaches receive ongoing training so they can instruct the children in the most advanced way, at par with international football standards. 

  • Depending on how experienced they are with the sports, children will be trained accordingly. 

To put this into perspective, a 12-year-old who has never played football before joining TSS receives a rudimentary introduction to the game and is taught from the basics. Additionally, if a 7-year-old child has been playing already and is talented, he will pick up instructions quickly. The coaches will make this decision based on evaluating various elements of their physical ability. 

  • Keeping up with the philosophy of competition, The Sports School makes sure that every child has the chance to participate in competitive games at every level. 

The school has now decided to participate in more friendly matches, which will see kids from each center play against one another, following a season of rigorous training. A contest like this will provide the coaches a chance to evaluate their performance, and based on the outcomes, they will be able to plan any necessary development. Every year, TSS offers plenty of competitive match opportunities to all the football students so they are always match-ready. 


How the athletes get selected to start their professional careers with BFC

The students here are assessed and tracked on their development while receiving academic support and all the facilities for improvement in one place, which includes strength training, yoga therapy, physiotherapy, rehab, and nutrition. Our academic curriculum is built around the athlete’s tournament calendar providing balance to their routines. Additionally, the school also supports the students with remedial yoga sessions and readily available physio experts to repair and rejuvenate to be always match-ready. The school boasts a 30-acre sporting ecosystem with FIFA quality pro certified artificial turfs that go through stringent testing criteria, including both laboratories and on the field tests of the FIFA quality program ensuring best of facilities are provided for the student athletes.

The Bengaluru FC academy managers scouts the players every year in December to pick the most talented players to move into the Bellary academy where they will get the opportunity to start a professional career in Football and this is why The Sports School is one of the best Football coaching centers in Bengaluru. Learn more about the specifics of the program in detail, or to apply to join our 30-acre residential sporting ecosystem, head over to our website.

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