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Building a Career in Sports Management in India

Building a Career in Sports Management in India

Sports has the power to unite any community, and in a diverse country like India, it surely does. This is the case, not just with cricket but with several other sports like Football, Tennis, and Badminton, who are gaining popularity with each passing day. Sporting events, matches, players, and fans, are all affected by this world, even if they do not play any sport. 

Now people can enter and thrive in this world by representing their countries on the field and helping those who do. The sporting world is much more elaborate than just the players. There are several functions undertaken by people who love and understand the game but work behind the scene to organize matches, monitor team finances, negotiate contracts of athletes, etc. These people are Sports Managers, who have the responsibility to manage all aspects of the game, at all levels – from schools to colleges and from local, national to international standards.

Sports management offers roles for individuals in diverse areas and functionalities. According to the FICCI- International Institute of Sports Management knowledge report, there will be a sharp increase in the number of job opportunities in the sports sector by 2022. Moreover, India has been identified as the key player in the sports market and set to hold more international championships.

Why should Indian students consider Sports Management as a career?  

While India has a long connection with sports contribution at a national and global landscape, there is still a significant shortage of suitably qualified sports management professionals in the country. 

While Sports Management education around the globe has expanded to reflect the consistent growth within the sports industry, these education platforms are not wholly available around India. This ultimately creates an opportunity for students who are or are due to become suitably qualified sports management specialists to realize career aspirations within the sports industry. Arguably, this also creates an opportunity for higher education institutions to develop Sports Management degree programs that provide a professionalized pathway for Indian nationals into the fastest expanding global industry sector.  


What are the most sought after sports management career options? 


  • Sports Analysts- Several organizations are hiring people who can analyze sportspeople’s different trends and give their insights. Many media companies covering sports recruit analysts for live match analysis and analyze various sports clubs and sportspersons’ performances.


  • Sports Managers- Whether it is team management or selling sporting equipment, sports managers are people on the corporate side of sports, who enable athletes and players to perform their best.


  • Sports Marketers- If you like marketing and sports, this is the profession for you. Many companies involved in sports development, sports marketing, sporting event management recruit Sports Managers. 


  • Sports Event Coordinators- Love sporting events? From small district tournaments to international matches, sports event coordinators are needed for every organized sporting event. 


It is extremely vital to recognize that the sports sector has changed and now demands a significant amount from suitably qualified individuals. Therefore, now is the time for individuals to seek out undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Sports Management actively, not only to be part of the sports industry expansion.

At The Sports School, we understand the current need of the Indian Sporting Industry for well-rounded professionals. Our UG and PG courses include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sports Management and Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology With Specialization In Sports. That way, our students can learn the basics and have a strong foundation for a career in the Indian Sports Industry. 


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