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Sports In India During and Post-COVID 19

Sports In India During and Post-COVID 19

It is no surprise that the Coronavirus Pandemic has also hit the sporting world. Who knew back in December last year that this is where we will end up? A situation where all popular sporting events will be canceled for months? For example, The most significant blow for Indian cricket fans was when the Indian Premier League (IPL) was canceled. 

As countries one after another went into lockdown, sports athletes and fans’ hopes have started falling. Every single person involved with some sporting activity or the other has been affected, ranging from playing in the neighborhood park to athletes competing in national and international competitions. Whether it is not heading out to the park to play, in fear of contracting the virus from other kids, or international sporting events being canceled, everyone has been affected. As the fact that this pandemic is here to stay for a long time started settling in, one thing is undoubted- sports in India will never be the same. 

Another challenge is dealing with the long-term impact of coronavirus, especially amidst competition involving several competitors. As we know, the sporting world has changed, and how we cope with these changes will define the future for this industry. The following areas are said to be impacted the most- 


The idea of playing in front of an empty stadium is not something any athlete would have ever dream of, but here it is. And, it seems like the only safe and logical way to restart play. Even if the stadiums are opened up by the authorities, even die-hard fans of the sports will have severe apprehensions about going to the stadiums to watch games. 

Fan engagements

One of the most fun parts for any athlete is engaging with their fans, from autographs to interviews, to selfies. But that seems like a whole other time now. Players all over the world are finding new ways to stay connected with their fans, especially leveraging social media. From Instagram Live sessions to fun Q & A sessions, sportsmen worldwide are speaking with their fans. 

Player Training 

With everyone confined to their homes to stay safe, many ask if players will be able to perform when allowed to since their training has stopped. Several players have adopted new home training techniques and online monitoring, and sometimes they even give their fans a sneak peek (for example- Virat Kohli lifting weights). 

Even the most optimistic sports fans understand that until a vaccine is made and distributed to the masses, the sporting industry can’t return to its pre-COVID-19 status. The realistic fans understand that it is time to live with the utmost precautions, but all is not lost. 

In a recent conversation with BW Education, Dr. Sankar UV, Director at the Sports School, said, “Despite the fact that our way of playing sports and life, in general, are being affected, I believe that sports have a bright chance of picking up post the lockdown. There will certainly be the aspect of heightened safety protocols for the foreseeable future, and since the people of our country have become more conscious of their health, participating in sports to improve fitness will grow. Once sports resume, social distancing is going to be the new norm, and athletes will undoubtedly be more cautious of their well-being.

The current situation has also increased the awareness and importance of good health and overall fitness, which is The Sports School’s philosophy.”

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