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FIFA Quality Pro Certified Football Pitch at The Sports School

FIFA Quality Pro Certified Football Pitch at The Sports School

Football as a sport in India has gained massive popularity over the past few years, courtesy the rise of tournaments like I-league, Indian Super League, etc. Complimenting this evolution, the requirement of international level training and playing infrastructure has also spiked like the usage of Artificial turf that has been around for decades and has been used in different sports like Baseball, Hockey, Football/Soccer, etc. The FIFA Quality Pro certified artificial turf at The Sports School, Bangalore, is the pioneer in providing quality infrastructure that is installed to deliver a unique standard of game to our students.

 Artificial turf is used due to its endurance against heavy use of extensive use and requires no irrigation or trimming, thus leading to the intricate and elaborate playing experience. FIFA Quality Pro certified artificial turfs go through stringent testing criteria, including both laboratories and on the field tests of the FIFA Quality Programme. These certified artificial turfs are engineered to provide the most suitable combination of durability, performance, the interaction between the ball and the surface, the interaction between the player and the surface, weather resistance, etc.

The two-phase testing procedure the Artificial turf at The Sports School went through to get FIFA Quality Pro certified includes testing the product in the laboratory and testing the final installation. This process ensures that the artificial football turf meets the requirements for playing performance, safety, durability, and quality assurance. As per the official website of FIFA, both testing phases focus on:

  • Interaction between the player and the surface
  • Interaction between the ball and the surface
  • Product composition
  • Weather resistance
  • Seam strength
  • Service life

Only after the comparison and passing of both the tests as set out by the FIFA Quality Programme, the artificial turf at The Sports School got FIFA Quality Pro certified. All standards are built on scientific findings from several relevant disciplines identifying players’ needs, various aspects of safety, performance, durability, quality assurance, and playing comfort. Apart from those mentioned above, these grounds are well-equipped to host both international and national level professional matches. 

By introducing new state-of-the-art facilities, The Sports School strives to take the performance of all players up a notch as they will be able to play on surfaces that meet the highest security standards without risking any injuries. It is a part of the overall effort concerted to improve the infrastructure of sports for our students and help them unlock and harness their boundless potential.

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