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How to Start a Cricket Career in India?

How to Start a Cricket Career in India?

How to Start a Cricket Career in India?


The dream to play cricket as a profession is something every child in India longs to fulfil. A cricket career in India is an entertaining and glamorous space that young boys are drawn towards – especially if they have grown up passionately playing the sport and are good at it. 

Most educational institutions offer children the chance to play with other schools or compete at the state level – however, seldom do schools encourage children to pursue the sport as a career post their class 12th, because the focus goes back to academics, even if the child is excellent at cricket. Many Indian parents are also against children playing cricket because they do not consider it a fruitful use of their child’s time. Parents think that cricket should only be played as a hobby because one cannot easily develop it into a career. Contrary to this opinion, there are ways to build a cricket career in India

So how then does a child go about a cricket career in India?

Do you think your child has it in him to become a cricketer? Do you think your child should have access to specialized sports training along with academic learning? If yes, then it’s time to start thinking of ways to help your child build his cricket career in India

Robin @ TSS

Academics and sports go hand in hand – and this is where schools that integrate academics and sports in an equally serious and focused manner step in. The Sports School has established itself as India’s first and leading integrated institution, which provides budding athletes and sportspersons with a platform to pursue their sporting passions along with their academic careers. 

To build a successful cricket career in India, children can consider getting both an education as well as world-class training at the Sports School. Here, the school neither compromises academic coaching nor sports coaching by providing holistic child development in both spheres. The Sports School indeed possesses the best cricket coaching in Bangalore

Get the best cricket training facility at The Sports School, Bangalore

To kickstart your child’s cricket career in India, consider applying for admission at The Sports School. The earlier you apply, the better your child’s access to sports training will be. If you are worried about academics, don’t be – 

  • The school takes in children between grades 4 and 10 and has a collaboration with the CBSE board.
  • The school offers three academic streams for students at their pre-university level (grades 11-12), which they can balance with sports training. 
  • For older children, the school offers university-level degrees such as B.A., B.Com., BBA, MBA, and MSc. are affiliated to the Jain Group of Institutions, a top-ranked university in India. 

In addition to no compromise on education, your child will have access to India’s best cricket training. At the Sports School, your child will have access to the best mentors, trainers as well as facilities for playing and honing their cricket skills. Find your child the best cricket training facility at the Sports School

Features The Sports School with the best cricket training in India also provides:

  • More than just playing cricket

Our trainers and mentors understand that children need to learn much more than just how cricket is played on the field – they need to learn how to accept challenges, play under pressure, aim at their goals and practice consistently. 

  • Train with Robin Uthappa

The Sports School cricket chief mentor Robin Uthappa is here to give your child personal attention and help them focus on their skill and technique. Among other mentors and trainers, the Sports School also has Nidhuvan Gotadke as the head coach and Vikram PS as the assistant coach, both excellent cricketers. 

  • The Sports School Cricket Academy Facilities 
    • We have specialized programs and coaching for bowling, batting, and wicket keeping, and each child is trained according to their fitness levels.  
    • Spread over 65m, our cricket grounds are made keeping international standards in mind, with natural turf.
    • Children have access to 6 indoor and 6 outdoor practice nets.
    • Our grounds are always ready to host domestic and international matches.

With Robin Uthappa, The Sports School has made itself a brand to yearn for parents to young, talented, budding cricketers. Find your child the best cricket training facility at the Sports School, and help them achieve their cricket goals. 

Are you excited about letting your child train at the best cricket coaching in Bangalore?

Give your child the best cricket training in India, without compromising on their education! Do you think your child has what it takes to become a cricketer? The Sports School is currently accepting admissions for the 2021 batch of students. Get in touch with the Sports School today!

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