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Sports as a Career Option – Top 10 Reasons to Opt

Sports as a Career Option – Top 10 Reasons to Opt

Sports is one of the most valuable components in a child’s life for developing his/her physical and mental toughness. As per various researches, children who actively compete in sports do considerably well in their academics and daily lives. With that, more and more parents are giving their children the opportunity to have a career in sports than ever before. It is an excellent change currently with regards to sports prevalent in Indian society. Sports teach children to recognise and distinguish between winning and striving for excellence; the latter is harder to achieve comparatively. Sports helps them handle failure in the best way possible and then try to get up once again to achieve their goals. Also, sports can shape their body while making them stronger and more physically active. That’s why a child needs to participate in sports to empower themselves in life and become a better human being. The main reasons for children to opt for sports as a career option is as under:

Top 10 reasons to opt for sports as a career:

  1. Attain better fitness: Sports is a physical activity that stimulates growth and brings about better fitness for children. It helps to strengthen their bodies, reduces their stress, helps anxiety, bolsters their heart rate, and enhances their self-esteem. Playing sports regularly is a vital requirement for any children to feel good about themselves in their own skin without any inhibitions and resistance towards others.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle: A child taking part in sports tends to develop a positive emotional experience and to be physically active at the same time. With that, their physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well as one consistently. This is a critical aspect of any children’s life.
  3. Develop self-confidence: Self-confidence is all about a child recognising their skills and abilities to do anything positive in their life. Participation in sports benefits them in attaining self-confidence even though they might not be good at it in their career early on. Appreciation from coaches and getting a high-five from teammates after giving their best brings about a sense of their own identity in a child’s mindset.  
  4. Forge friendships: Sports have proven to be a great way to develop children’s social skills in an optimum manner. It helps them to accomplish interpersonal qualities and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Playing in a sports team gives children the opportunity to be in a social circle outside of their school and locality. These interactions are far more important than any screen-time or social media texting phenomenon prevalent in today’s society.
  5. Becoming hard-working: Competition in sports pushes a child to do hard work at practice and stay focused on their goals at all times. With that, they get committed to sports for a long time without ever compromising on it for any reason. Hence, they inculcate the virtues of persistence and patience to realise that the hard work does eventually pay off. 
  6. Being disciplined: Sports often throw those complex challenges towards the children to overcome, whether obeying the rules or responding to criticism. Only a disciplined child with a sense of control and proper behaviour tends to follow and cooperate with others in this regard. That’s why being disciplined for children is essential to play sports at any competitive level.
  7. Academic success: According to various studies, children who take a regular part in sports perform better in the classroom than their peers who aren’t involved. Sports is indispensable for a child’s academic success because it provides them greater attention span, faster cognitive processing speed, understanding directions, and following instructions optimally. 
  8. Deal with a win and loss equally: There are two aspects to a competitive sport, winning and losing. A child boasting a win and disregarding a loss is not suitable for their long-term career in sports. That’s where sports teach them to deal with a win calmly and loss as a learning experience in a competitive environment.
  9. Believe in teamwork: Teamwork is a very underrated but crucial aspect of any team sports. Children working towards a common goal helps in improving their communication skills and problem-solving attributes. Once a child believes in teamwork, then there are high chances of their team becoming successful with sports as a career option.
  10. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship is all about playing fair and respecting the competition and the officials involved in a particular sports tournament. Children learn to compete together and understand that everyone should get the chance to play because of the spirit of sportsmanship.


In recent times, sports as a career option have taken off considerably in India as many athletes worldwide attained great success. No wonder that many parents recognise sports as a definite career choice for their children to excel at a particular sport and get better at academics at the same time. 

The Sports School offers a flexible educational curriculum that provides a tailor-made academic schedule to athletes, built around their sporting commitments. We encourage & provide means to our students, from Grade 4 to Post Graduation, to balance their pursuit for sporting excellence without compromising on their academics. Our Sporting Partners & Mentors include Pullela Gopichand for Badminton, Rohan Bopanna for Tennis, Robin Uthappa for Cricket, Bengaluru FC for Football and Key5 Coaching for Basketball.

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