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Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School

Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School

Hello readers, today we are going to address one of the frequently asked questions. What are the Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School? The Sports School is an integrated college for sports and education. Students are well versed in their lessons and sports. We provide an excellent environment for professional athletes and students with all the necessary skills and facilities.


What is Sports Science?




Before we begin, let us acknowledge what Sports Science is.

Sports Science is an academic discipline that includes the scientific study of physiology, psychology, motor learning and biomechanics. It is a multidisciplinary study of sciences. A sports scientist works closely with sportspersons and coaches. Their expert advice and support help them to understand and improve their performance.


Sports Science is a study of the relationship between sports and the human body with the interaction of various technologies. From cellular to a whole-body perspective, sports science explores how the healthy human body works during exercise and how sport and physical activity enhance health and performance. Thus Sports Science is an important aspect in the field of sport as to perform one must be physically and mentally fit.


Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School

Physical and mental fitness is very important for an athlete. Similarly, sports scientists are important for coaches because they need to understand the athletes’ bodies and train accordingly. The Sports School understands this and thus provides sports science services.


At TSS, we provide

Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School



  • Right sports training and education- Sports training includes skill development, which helps students become professional athletes. The Sports School provides the right sports training and education which help them to become sports icons.


  • Sports Physiology- When a human body is involved in any activity it responds accordingly. It helps understand the physiological demand of the body required for high performance.


  • Sports Psychology- Our mind undergoes several changes while performing any activity because it is the controlling unit of our body. Thoughts might or may not be genuine. To address such, sports psychology comes into play. Psychological knowledge and skills are used to solve problems like performance anxiety, optimal performance, social well-being etc.


  • Sports Biomechanics – Sports Biomechanics explains how a human body moves and why it moves in that manner. In the field of sports, it becomes important to understand the movement of athletes and understand the mechanics of human movement. It addresses the complexity of movement involved, for example, serving in tennis.


  • Sports Scientific Nutrition – Diet contributes a major portion in determining an athlete’s performance. Because of this sports nutrition is a very important aspect of an athlete’s life. To deal with this, The Sports School facilitate with Sports Scientific Nutrition for the application of nutrition knowledge to a practical daily eating plan focused on providing the fuel for physical activity and meeting all essentials.


What do we cover in Sports Science Services?

services offered



Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine bridges the gap between science and practice in the encouragement of exercise and health. It deals with physical fitness treatment and prevention of injuries. It focuses on understanding sports performance.


Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is the prevention and management of injuries resulting from sports or exercise. It is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise at all levels and ages. Their advice is important for safe engagement in sports and other physical activities.


Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation helps athletes of all ages to maintain their health and fitness. Recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain during exercise. Musculoskeletal illness or injury is taken into consideration.


Strength & Conditioning

S&C is a great way to transform an athlete’s body and get huge results. S&C is an application of sports science to enhance movement quality. Better quality of movement has better results. 


Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is the study of how psychological factors influence sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. It works on the behavioural aspects of an athlete.


Sports Biomechanics

Sports biomechanics studies human motion during exercise and sports. Laws of mechanics and Physics are applied to athletic performance. It studies the movement of a body and helps in improving movement and thus performance.


Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is about improving performance by knowing how the body functions during exercise and using scientific principles to allow your body to perform better. It analyses the patient and determines the best possible exercise and fitness routine.


Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a broad interdisciplinary field that focuses on the science behind proper nutrition for athletes and its application. Proper nutrition is the key to performance and thus all foods served are medically prescribed by our sports nutritionist.


Pain Management & Recovery

Pain management covers many methods to prevent, reduce, and stop pain sensations. Physical, mental and behavioural techniques are used to assist the patients. These also include the use of medications, physical therapy, and psychological methods.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the use of yoga postures called asanas. A gentle form of exercise and relaxation techniques to improve athletes overall health. It’s the application of yoga practice to improve physical and mental health conditions and achieve desired results.



We have a team of highly qualified and experienced sports scientists who closely track the progress of our students and help them go easily with their sports. Our students’ well-being is extremely important for us and we do everything to assure it and think out of the box.

In the same aspect, our students’ education is very important for us. Our teachers are highly qualified to help them with their lessons and boost their knowledge. This was all about Sports Science Services offered at The Sports School. If you want to become the next sports icon, join The Sports School where sports and academics go hand in hand. For more queries contact us. It will be an honour to assist you. That was all here about the Paralympics, everything that you need to know. We will be back with another interesting topic. Till then, keep smiling.

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