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How to Start a Tennis Career In India

How to Start a Tennis Career In India

How to Start a Tennis Career In India


Tennis as a sport is growing in popularity in India, and many young athletes are taking up the sport professionally. Even though most sports fans in India prefer cricket, tennis has a group of cult followers who would not shy away from spending nights watching the American Open. These people belong mostly to the urban middle and upper-class groups. Which is why, in a country obsessed with cricket and football, a tennis career in India can be a hard choice.


Players like Mahesh Bhupati, Leander Paes, Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza have brought more attention to tennis in India and garnered a huge following who support their favorite national players in Grand Slams and Olympics. If your child is a tennis fan and wants to become another Bhupati, Rohan, Paes or Mirza, here’s where you should begin from.


Top Tennis Academies in India


Since tennis already has a niche group of followers in urban areas, India has many renowned tennis academies across the country, many of which are run by eminent players themselves. An extremely experienced group of coaches and advisors provides excellent guidance to young players looking to take up tennis as their definitive career options. 


  • Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academies (MBTA)


The MBTA is established and run by Mahesh Bhupati. The Wimbledon and French Open winner aims to use this institution to promote the game and help more people from the country to learn and appreciate it.

The MBTA also has programs where they reach out to schools in rural areas to scout for talent that may not have the privilege to pursue their tennis dreams. 

A structured system helps make sure that the academy provides quality guidance for students who have to prove themselves through a grinding graduation program. The MBTA currently has ten venues across the country and vocally vouches for its highly experienced and qualified coaching staff.


  • Rohan Bopanna The Sports School Tennis Academy (RBTSSTA)


The Sports School in Bengaluru provides programs for different sports to numerous students. The academy has partnered with 21 Grand Slam winner Rohan Bopanna to provide both developmental programs and training guidance. The Sports School tennis program with Rohan Bopanna is among the best the country has to offer.

Rohan Bopanna is the most familiar face for the Indian Doubles Tennis team. Together with Leander Paes, Bopanna has represented India in numerous tournaments and won countless awards to establish himself as one of the country’s guiding figures.

A highly trained team of coaches gives students a proper curriculum to adapt to and utilize for their development. A 27-acre academy premise offers international quality training on different courts, gymnasiums, video rooms, and hostel facilities for students.

A team headed by Balachandran Mannikkath makes this academy a perfect place for those who are willing to take up tennis as their career choice. 


  • Indian Tennis Academy (ITA)


An all-encompassing tennis approach gives ITA an edge as an academy over many others. ITA has a highly qualified staff who focuses on tennis as a single sport and trains both the mind and body of the students to help them achieve their potential.

The academy also prepares a dietary chart for the students in Delhi to ensure an overall development, which is must to live through a strenuous tennis game.


  • Jaidip Mukherjea Tennis Academy


A legendary name in the Indian Tennis circuit, Jaidip Mukherjea established this tennis coaching institute in Kolkata in 1999. This academy promises to nurture and develop the talents and abilities of its students through a structured program.

Set in a peaceful environment, the academy has three different courts where the students can get all the practice and coaching they require or make those backhands perfect for baffling the opponents. 


Professional Tennis Training At The Sports School

The Sports School understands that every student has different requirements and learning methods. This is why it has unique training programs for its students.

The academy has different modules for different age groups to help the students to choose their best option. With 17 international level courts in an expansive land area, this academy has the training advantage over its peers in the country. 

A highly experienced staff consisting of Olympians and veteran fitness coaches guide the students at the academy. The overall environment at the academy develops their tennis skills and focuses on physical and mental sharpness training for better performance. 

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