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Regular Schools vs The Sports School – What are the differences?

Regular Schools vs The Sports School – What are the differences?

Regular Schools vs The Sports School – What are the differences?


The stereotypical Physical Education teacher with his funny mannerisms, the worn-down basketball that has clearly seen better days, the rough cement pitch that passes for the school grounds, and many more such memories are tied to the idea of sports education in regular Indian schools. 


While several schools may endeavor to update their sports infrastructure, sports remain low on the list of priorities of an academic institution. Even for parents, sport is merely a pastime, a hobby, and often a distraction for their kids, keeping them from focusing on their science and maths lessons.


All these changes with India’s first integrated school for sports and education, The Sports School. The vast 27-acre campus in Bangalore, India, is home to the country’s budding athletes as they receive professional training in various sports like Tennis, Football, Badminton, Cricket, and Basketball. The Sports School looks to change the history of sports education and training for young athletes in India, helping them build a strong foundation from an early age.


So what makes us different from any other school in the country claiming to offer sports education to your child? Here’s a quick look at the differences.


Regular Schools vs The Sports School


Quality of Sports Education 

Sports education is rarely a priority at a regular school, which is why physical education periods are scheduled maybe once or twice a week. The quality of education we offer at The Sports School is aeons ahead. With world-class infrastructure and some of the most renowned names in the sport on board as partners and mentors, students receive an international level of specialized sports training for a guaranteed 3-8 hours each day.


Academic Curriculum 

Academics are a major part of a child’s development process, but should not inhibit a young athlete’s opportunity to develop their sporting talents. This is why The Sports School allows a flexible academic curriculum, based on the child’s sporting commitments. When children are not forced to stick to a rigid academic schedule and learn at their own pace, interest in and retention of academic knowledge is far greater.


Trainers, coaches, and role models

If your children are interested in tennis, could you imagine the look on their faces when they receive training from Rohan Bopanna himself? Or how about your little one, who is a cricket enthusiast, getting to train with Robin Uthappa directly? These are not fantasy stories, but real possibilities at The Sports School, where leading coaches and trainers teach your children and nourish their sporting talents. This is unheard of at regular schools, where children can only dream of meeting their role models, let alone playing with them.


Sports infrastructure 

At a regular school, the most you will find is an all-purpose school ground where all sorts of sports are played. The best education for your child can only be guaranteed if they have access to the best infrastructure, which we are proud to have at our massive 27-acre residential campus. 


At The Sports School, your child has access to:

  • BWF Standard 12 Wooden Indoor Synthetic Badminton courts
  • 7 ITF Classified Acrylic Cushioned Tennis Courts with floodlights
  • FIFA Quality Pro Certified Artificial Football Turf
  • International Standard 65m Natural Turf Cricket Grounds with Indoor and Outdoor Nets
  • 2 FIBA Standard Basketball Courts and a Half-Court with Floodlight Facility
  • State-of-the-art Gymnasium
  • Highly equipped library and smart classrooms
  • Sports physiotherapist and psychologist
  • Healthy and hygienic nutrition


The difference between the sporting education at a regular school and The Sports School is quite apparent. As a wholly integrated school for sports & education, we can proudly say that it is not just a regular school, but so much more. 

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