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How to Choose a School for Your Child : Top 10 Facilities to Look for in a Residential School

How to Choose a School for Your Child : Top 10 Facilities to Look for in a Residential School

How to Choose a School for Your Child— Top 10 Facilities to Look for in a Residential School


In many countries today, it has been observed that parents have started to rely on boarding schools for quality education. One major reason behind this is the discipline in every sector that a child starts to adopt at a young age. Also called popularly as, “residential schools,” students in such live-in institutions are exposed to various activities and learnings that help them make their future. But, how exactly can one understand which is the right residential school for kids?


Every school comes with its own set of unique facilities. But there also are certain common facilities that every residential school should provide. Here are such top 10 facilities to look for in a residential school before enrolling your child into one:


  • Hygiene:

The foremost point that should be on your checklist when looking for a boarding school is hygiene maintenance. Humankind is known to hundreds of diseases, and it is only with proper sanitation facilities and learning that we can fight off the illnesses. Children spend hours inside the campus studying, playing and doing other essential activities. Hence, their focus cannot be disrupted by not maintaining high sanitation protocols.


  • Hostel Rooms:

After hygiene, parents must keenly observe the facilities provided in the boarding schools’ hostel rooms. You should check if the available amenities are suitable for your child’s basic daily routine. The rooms must be comfortable and clean, just like your home. In this manner, you can be assured that your child would concentrate and grow without stressing himself or herself out to the extent that they get homesick.


  • Emergency Medical Aids:

Several boarding schools may have a world-class education and extracurricular activity facilities. However, they will immediately fail in their endeavors to become the best if they lack in providing excellent emergency medical aids. An environment with kids easily comes across unfortunate experiences of them getting hurt or sick. This can be because of a small accident during a science experiment, an injury during a basketball match or a sudden rise in temperature due to weather change.


  • Sports Facilities for Kids:

Sports is one of the most favorable ways of keeping oneself fit while enjoying the period of doing so. Residential schools should ensure keeping different sports equipment to help children explore. Exploring the various forms of sports allows an understanding of which sport they love and maybe make a career. Enrolling in a residential school with the finest sports facilities for kids definitely acts as the wisest decision.


  • Education Facilities:

It is needless to say that all the research being made for a boarding school is primarily for education. Take a tour of the classrooms and study material that the school has to offer. To get a better insight, schedule short meetings with the teachers and principal to get an idea about their teaching methods and how that would impact your child’s growth.


  • Security:

Safety for children should be considered in every essential aspect. Check for the different security measures that are in place for children. You may raise questions to the authorities about the type of security equipment they use, availability of guards at the entrances and more. When you feel the security is reliable, you may send your kid to the residential school.


  • Surveillance:

Surveillance is slightly different from security measures when it comes to residential school for kids. Surveillance is essential to keep an eye on students to improve the quality and growth of children. For instance, proper surveillance ensures that no child on the campus is involved in unwanted activities.


  • Extracurricular:

Along with education comes the necessity of exploring the creative side of a child. A good residential school will give equal importance to extracurricular activities wherein children are introduced to their other areas of talent. This can be dancing, singing, painting, playing instruments and more.


  • Technology:

Technology goes hand-in-hand in enhancing the education quality of young minds as well as teachers. Hence, a residential school should incorporate the use and exposure of the latest technologies. Common equipment here can include the latest computers and excellent internet connections. They can be used to study materials, efficiently share courses and stay connected with teachers.


  • Entertainment:

Students deserve to include some leisure hours in their daily routine. Hence, boarding schools should provide the facilities of a music room, TV room, games room and other such arrangements. With long hours of studies and extracurricular activities, a moment of relaxation also plays a major role in improving a child’s memory.


Seeking quality education for a child in a safe environment is every parents’ priority. No matter the city of residence or occupation of a parent, finding a good school with every essential facility is not a daunting task today. However, one also needs to consider these important factors. This helps understand the standard and available facilities that directly affect a child’s education, health and more. 

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